We combine strategy, technology, data science and design to solve the most complex business challenges.



Cybensol is a global research & UX design firm. We help leaders explore customer needs, create products & services people are excited to use.

Design a new product

Design and develop an industry leading product.

Improve a product

Focus, prioritize, and turn your product into a category leader.

Launch a new product

Take your vision from concept to launch.

Product consulting

Accelerate your strategic planning process.

Strategic design

Equip teams, create processes, and future-proof your organization.

Education & Workshops

Guided processes for dialogue, strategy, and innovation.


We Design Applications That Are


We make applications efficient, task-focused, and mission-driven so that users can achieve their tasks with minimal time and effort.


We simplify complex workflows and increase the learnability, memorability & satisfaction of your web/mobile applications.


We design products that help people accomplish what they need to do. We focus on improving performance & ease of use.


Our deep understanding to a well-researched, structured design process enables us to create beautiful yet highly functional applications.


Why us

Cybensol’s user-centric and data-led approach helps uncover unique growth opportunities with clear and strong value propositions for enterprises and start-ups.

User and Market Research

We help our clients to understand user needs, market insights and software requirements.

Data and Business Thinking

We help in analyzing business goals and identifying data sets that’s can add value to the customer experience.

Meaningful Visualizations

We cover all the aspects regarding product strategy and user journies and create stunning visualizations.

Our Principles

The foundational elements of our approach are

Focus on user

We measure success by how well we fulfill human needs. Our users are more than just the people we make for, they’re our partners in design.

Restless reinvention

Being essential—and staying essential—requires a continuous conversation with our users and clients, responding to their changing needs through rapid prototyping and constant iteration.

Diverse team

By empowering people with different skillsets, backgrounds and perspectives to bring their unique points of view to the table, we generate more breakthrough ideas faster.

Our Process


To drive meaningful outcomes for our users, we must first gain a deep understanding of the challenges they face. By constantly immersing ourselves in the worlds of our users, we ensure that our solutions always address real-world needs.


Different people can interpret the same situation in very different ways. Coming together to reflect on our observations helps us synthesize and analyze findings, building a more nuanced understanding of our users across the team.


The only way to see an outcome is to make one—even if the idea isn’t fully baked yet. Rapid, low-fidelity prototyping allows us to simulate ideas and test hypotheses quickly and cheaply. The end result: solutions that are robust, effective, and battle-tested.

Our Services

Cybensol provides cutting edge data centric product design services.

Product Design

SaaS Applications

Web & Mobile Apps

Enterprise Applications

Design Thinking

Brainstorming & empathizing

Defining problem & Ideation

Business and Market Research

User Research

User interviews

User Persona Development

Defining user journeys

Data Analysis

Data Driven Dashboards

Interactive Data Stories

Data Centric Mobile Apps

Data Visulization

Insightful Data Dashboards

Meaningful Reports

Actionable Intellegence Platforms

Web Development

Responsive Customized websites

Wordpress Web Development

Shopify Basted Websites

Data Reports

Social Media Insights

Hashtag Analysis

Demographics Analysis

DevOps Services

Amazon Web services Management

Designing IT infrastructure

Monitoring and reporting


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